Lavinia Norfolk Centre

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Angmering In Bloom Association

Lavinia Norfolk Centre

In February we submitted a Grant request for funding from the County Local Committee Community Initiative Funding.


The request was for new Lavinia Norfolk Centre Greenhouse staging and propagating equipment and also two planters for growing plants up the existing pergola. Some patio tables and chairs for utilising the space they have for socialising was also requested.


In April we heard from West Sussex County Council Community Initiative Funding, that our grant request had been successful.


The greenhouse staging and propagating equipment was ordered from Two Wests and Elliotts who when we explained what it was planned to be used for, very kindly gave us a 10% discount. The Patio table and chairs was ordered from Rutland County Garden Furniture.

A request to Southern Water produced two much needed water butts and Haskins Garden Centre, one of our Sponsors, have provided compost.





Councillor Deborah Urquhart handing over the cheque to boys from the Lavinia Norfolk Centre


A press release appeared in the Littlehampton Gazette



AIB and the children from Lavinia Norfolk Centre start clearing away the old equipment, rubbish and surrounding flower beds







Preparing the greenhouse for the new equipment and garden furniture.



The staging was put together by Councillor Dudley Wensley with help from the pupils.






Sorting out the composting area



Jenny and Jill picking out the 'good stuff' while Lorraine uses this to fill up the planters.





D&T (

kindly helped to sort out the composting area and take away the left over rubbish for us



Anthony 'assessing' the amount of rubbish to be removed



Maintaining the Lavinia Norfolk garden during the school holidays and admiring the Sunflowers and vegetables