Poppy Commemorations

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Angmering In Bloom Association

Poppy Commemorations


Stubbs Hill poppies

St Margaret's Churchyard poppies

Anne has grown a succession of poppys and has placed a pot containing these on each of the two World War 1 graves in St Margaret's Churchyard.

The collection tins used to collect donations generously given in exchange for packets of Poppy seeds was passed to the Chairman of the Angmering branch of the Royal British Legion Edna Booker.


We now have two troughs either side of both of the stone seats in the Village Centre.


The 4 pots of poppy's placed on the War Memorial for the D-Day celebrations






















Before the pots were placed on the War Memorial




Tidying up the Village Centre ready for Commemoration events.













New trough planted with red Pelargoniums


The first of the poppies sown in the planters that will be placed on the memorial comes into flower, followed by a second one, then all 4 pots in flower.


Flanders poppy seed launch

Association members launched the Flanders poppy seed commemoration by giving a donation to the British Legion for the first five packets of seeds.


100 packets of seeds have been prepared by AIB in commemoration of 100 years since WW1 began. These will be available initially at the Easter Fayre and then from the PC Office.


All donations received for seeds will be given to the British Legion. We are hoping people will sow the seeds in their garden and if successful send in a photo

This year, 2014, will mark the start of the first World War and will be commemorated across the UK using the symbolic Poppy (Papaver rhoeas).


AIB have purchased Poppy seeds and are in the process of sowing them at Water Lane, in the Churchyard, along Station Road and into 4 planters which will be displayed on the memorial in the centre of the Village.


AIB are liaising with our local British Legion to see what projects they have in mind and whether we can be of any assistance.