Autumn Quiz Night 22 November 2014

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Angmering In Bloom Association

An Autumn Quiz Night Saturday 22 November 2014



Nearly 70 people came along to the Village Hall and were welcomed to the Autumn Quiz Night by Chairman, Julia Phelon, on behalf of Angmering in Bloom.


Questions were set by Phil Leverick, and covered topics such as 'Entertaining Politicians', 'All About Dogs' as well as the usual picture round.

Nibbles were served at half time and a fun game of 'Heads and Tails' played to win a £45 voucher donated by Angmering Manor Hotel.


This involved everyone paying £1 and standing up and then placing their hands on their heads or on their tails (bottoms), a coin was then tossed and those with a match stayed standing and those who did not match sat down.

This continued until only one remained, Jill Fone, who was declared the winner and was presented with the £45 voucher.


A raffle took place at the end of the evening with prizes generously donated by our Sponsors and local businesses.

At the end of the game the results were:


5th - 'Odd Bods' with 75.5

4th - 'The Mad Cows' with 76.5

3rd - 'Better Late than Never' with 77


and joint 1st between 'Lansdowne Legends', our previous Winners, and the 'Incomers', a new Team, both having 80.5.


Fortunately the Quiz Master had prepared for this, three more questions were read out and each team had to write an answer for each. The nearest team to the correct answer won the point.


The 'Incomers' won the first two points so were declared the Winners.



The winning team included Brian and Jenny Hong from Cornerways Dental Practice, one of our Sponsors.


Each winning team member received a bottle of wine donated by Angmering in Bloom.

Thanks to everyone's support and generosity, we raised nearly £430 towards Angmering in Bloom projects.