Youth Groups

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Angmering In Bloom Association

Angmering Guides, Brownies and Rainbows

On Friday 5 June, AIB joined the Scouts to plant their bed on the corner of Lansdowne Road with wild flowers to attract bees and insects.

On Thursday 4 June, AIB donated a selection of herbs and five new brown and yellow trugs to the 1st Angmering Brownies and then helped them to plant them to attract bees.The Brownies also painted a number of wooden spoons to look like bees which have been placed in the trugs and various places around the village. The trugs are now situated outside the Community Centre for all to enjoy.

On Thursday 4 June, AIB donated bee loving summer plants to the Angmering Rainbows and then helped them plant them in the seven rainbow trugs that are situated at the Community Centre.

On Tuesday 2nd June, AIB joined the 2nd Angmering Brownies to paint wooden spoons as bees which have been placed in various beds around the village. They also planted sunflower seeds in pots to take home and grow on.

The Winners of the daffodil Competitions for the 2nd Angmering Brownies and the Angmering Guides.


This year one of the projects carried out with our Youth Groups was planting spring daffodil bulbs into pots.


AIB members raided their sheds for the nearly 90 pots required, Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre provided the compost and AIB funds provided the sacks of daffodil bulbs required.


A planting session was held at each of the Youth Groups meetings, 3 daffodil bulbs of their choice,were planted in a pot of compost. These pots were taken home and will be looked after by the girls.


Once the bulbs are flowering in March/April they will bring their pots into their various meetings to be judged for tallest flower, the prettiest pot of flowers and the best decorated pot.


Each girl was also given a badge showing they had been involved in AIB projects. The badge has been created using Lauren Smith's winning design.


Showing off their AIB badges


On Tuesday 23 September, the 2nd Angmering Brownies, aged 7 - 10, and their Leader Mel Farrow spent the evening planting daffodil bulbs in pots. They also received their AIB badges which they proudly displayed.


On Thursday 18 September, the Angmering Guides spent the first part of the evening planting bulbs in Fletchers Field by the wall and the second part planting daffodil bulbs in plastic pots.


Later on Thursday 2 October, it was a great pleasure for us to join the 1st Angmering Brownies, ages 7 - 10 and their Leader Louise Oliver to spend the evening planting daffodil bulbs in pots.


On Thursday 2 October AIB joined the 2nd Angmering Rainbows, aged 4 - 7, and their Leader Gill Cox to plant daffodil bulbs in pots.